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How do I get out of debt?

I mean, seriously... "How do I get out of debt when I can’t even afford my minimum payments?"

Well, for starters, we need to stop spending on credit -- stop paying more for everyday things than we really need to... And then we need to follow a system with proven methods in order to eliminate your debt once and for all.

But "Proven Methods" Like Debt Elimination
Programs Have a 75-80% Failure Rate!

That's right! 3 out of every 4 people in a debt management programs fail. So instead of relieving stress and gaining debt freedom, most of them, like you, are losing sleep over questions like:

  1. Why did I overspend, buying so much stuff that I really couldn't afford?
  2. Why did my medical hardship have to put me in such a financial bind?
  3. Why did they cut my hours at work; or Why was I the one to get laid off?
  4. How will I ever be able to save any money -- let alone build a retirement fund -- if I continue to pay high interest costs and brutal penalty fees on a mountain of debt?

Does any of this sound familiar?

If it does, you're not alone.

In fact, there are millions of people across this country with debt hardships just like yours struggling to get by living paycheck to paycheck.

And right now, many of them like you are likely floating in an open sea clutching to a lifesaver, wondering, "How can I get my feet back on dry, stable, land before I drown and fall prey to these creditor sharks!"

Well, before you can stroll and frolic along on dry land again you will need to get control of your debt. In order to get control, you will have to change the way you repay your creditors in order to REDUCE the amount of interest and principal debt you owe -- and pay back.

If paying less than you currently owe interests you, I strongly encourage you to listen to what I have to say.

I have the quickest, least expensive, and simplest
solution to debt elimination you've been WISHING for.
It's totally doable and YOU can actually do it much faster than you think!

But first, let me share an unpleasant truth with you...

You can't get out of debt because the credit card companies just won't let you!

These fat cats have carefully devised a system that sentences you to a "life in debt" from the moment you are approved for your very first credit card! And they've put YOU in a position where you'll NEVER be able to get out of debt because it makes them rich!

Well, I've developed a debt negotiation system that rapidly wipes away your debt, and I want to share it with you.

It doesn't matter how much debt you have or what type of credit score you own -- there's no need for serial refinancing and you don't even need to own a home. My system not only self-consolidates your debt, but eliminates it using nothing more than the money you're already wasting on your credit cards and the power of negotiation.

Reduce and eliminate your debt now!

Hi, my name is Keith Jones, and I want to show you how to get your life back starting right now so you can stop throwing your money away on an endless stream of minimum payments that do absolutely nothing toward reducing and eliminating your debt.

Keith Jones - Online Credit Counseling

If your situation is similar to that of many debtors, you're overspending or your personal hardship has made your debt completely unmanageable. You probably knew you were in trouble long before you sought help, but for some reason you decided to keep "treading debt".

You're likely living day-to-day, maybe transferring balances from high-rate cards to lower-rate ones. Or perhaps you're paying one credit card bill with the use of another credit card, using the infamous "Robbing Peter to Pay Paul" strategy.

Even worse, in your time of need you may have supported yourself with your credit cards just to survive and put food on the table until your next paycheck.

What's even more discouraging is that if you don't make a change in the way you repay your creditors soon, you will likely never obtain debt freedom, let alone the quality of life you truly deserve.

It's unfortunate, but time is of the utmost importance. Every day spent buried in debt is costing you stacks of money in interest payments and fees that are destroying you and your family's future rather than paying down your debt.

I understand the circumstances that may have led to your hardship. Believe me, I have heard it all when consulting and negotiating for hundreds of severely debt­burdened individuals. I've felt the pain in their voices and watched the tears flow down their faces, so I understand your despair and misery.

Living with overwhelming debt is a miserable place to be, and I'm aware of how stressful your debt can be as well as its consequences and how your financial issues affect both you and your loved ones.

I sincerely want to help solve your debt problem and relieve some of your emotional strain. The sooner you let me help you, the quicker your stress can be relieved and the sooner you can get on with the rest of your life.

The misfortune of unmanageable debt

Take out a piece of paper and list all the hardships of debt:

Typical items listed here are things like "living paycheck to paycheck" and “working just to pay bills” or “having to work two jobs” or “not being able to purchase a home”. Whatever your debt hardships, take a moment and list them all.


Each month over 400,000 consumers seek “professional” debt help by entering into a debt management plan or through bankruptcy.

Sadly, most of these debtors are unaware of better alternatives and actually make their financial situation worse by entering into either program.

I want to show you a simple, Step-By-Step System for reducing and eliminating your debt.

Understanding and facing the real evil of your debt

So how did you do with Step 1?

OK, OK… I know. You probably didn't even make your own list, did you? Happy Mood Instead, you may have thought, "Hey, it's all listed right there."

If so, I'm not mad at ya. Step one was familiar, but let's be honest, wasn’t it a bit of a reality check?

With this exercise I wanted you to see and understand the "true costs" of your debt rather than just the dollars and cents you've been throwing away. By facing the reality of your debt, it becomes easier to progress forward.

The upside of your current "reality" is that you already have a well-defined reference point of what does not work... making a lifetime of minimum payments.

So, let me ask you a question. Do you really want to get out of debt?

Sort of a dumb question, I know, so let's be a bit more precise since everyone "says" they want to be debt free. The better question is: are you ready to do what it takes to get out of debt?

While your finances may look hopeless, please understand there is still hope for you If you want it bad enough, if you're ready to make it happen, and IF you make some changes…fast!

"What if you could rub a magic lamp and have a genie fix your finances right now?"

Take a moment to visualize your life without credit card debt...

Imagine how you would feel if the burden of overwhelming debt was lifted off of your shoulders and you no longer had to worry about paying outrageous interest and sky-high monthly payments?

Would that change the quality of your life?

FOX News Feb 10, 2009 -
The Treasury Department plans to spend up to $100 billion of the next phase of the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) to help ease credit for consumers.

Think of how you could use the money that you could save? Investments, retirement, vacations, college funds or whatever -- the point is, you have choices again when you're debt free!

Well, I have your "genie in a bottle" so to speak and it's an ethical and honest alternative to endless creditor payments or bankruptcy. This "genie" is your own do-it-yourself debt elimination plan that will literally have you off-loading your debt from your very first month.

Sound impossible?

Well, not only is all of this possible, it's happening right now all across the country for "some" of the overly burdened debtors that are in debt settlement plans, and similarly for many individual debtors like yourself, because they've learned the techniques to debt freedom taught in my DebtLessen program.

The benefits of debt freedom

Take out another piece of paper and list all the benefits of being debt free:

Typical things listed here are things like "having peace of mind" and "more financial freedom" or "the ability to purchase a home" or "taking a family vacation." Take a moment and list all the benefits you may experience once you become debt free.


With Keith Jones' DebtLessen course:

A typical consumer with $30,000 in credit card debt could become debt free in as little as 3 years, paying back less than their current monthly minimums!

Debt-freedom that quick? C'mon, how's that possible?

Yes, it's really true! You can become debt free quickly for very little, using my proven debt elimination system. Let me show you an example comparing your options!

$30,000 Credit Card Debt

Debt Settlement Strategy

  Consolidation Loan Credit Counseling Do Nothing
(Pay Minimum)
Total Unsecured Debt $30,000 $30,000 $30,000 $30,000
Months To Pay Off 60 60 582 36
Interest Rate 11.0% Variable 22% None
Extra Interest Paid $9,136 $21,300 $80,588 None
Monthly Payment $652 $855 $900 $450
Your Total Cost $39,136 $51,300 $110,588 $16,500

These are average results that you can likely achieve with my system. Some of you may actually do much better. And it doesn't matter which stage of the collection process you're currently in.

You can be current or already behind on your payments and buried in a mountain of debt -- my proven debt elimination system will still save you thousands and eliminate your debt -- in as little as 3 years!

"So how is it so effective in eliminating your debt?"

Because with my system, you are basically "flippin' the script" on your creditors and instead of following their "suggested" payment plan, you will be following your very own self-customized reduced debt payoff plan.

Unsecured Debt Settlement

You really can become debt-free in as little as 3 years or as long as 5 years!

That's right!

Using the very same money you're currently paying on your unsecured debts, you can actually begin to see results from the very first month you put my debt reduction/elimination program to work for you.

It's called DebtLessen and it's blowing the lid off the debt negotiation and settlement industry by teaching YOU the hidden insider secrets on how to break free from the chains of overwhelming Credit Card Debt -- forever!

Debt negotiation and settlement is a safe and legal bankruptcy alternative that will relieve your financial stress and rapidly eliminate your unsecured debt. It's a relatively new aggressive debt resolution strategy that has exploded into the financial arena in the past few years and is now frustrating creditors!

New York Times
Feb 7, 2009 - "Credit Card Companies are rushing to round up what money they can before things get worse, even if that means forgiving part of some borrowers’ debts. Increasingly, they are stretching out payments and accepting dimes, if not pennies, on the dollar as payment in full."

DebtLessen teaches you from A to Z, step-by-step, the art of debt negotiation and how to quickly and easily communicate and directly negotiate with creditors and collectors to accept less money than what is legally owed to them. It shows you how to arrange hugely discounted settlements of 50% or less on credit card debts, unsecured loans and lines of credit, collection accounts, medical bills, deficient repossession balances, and even judgments.

With debt negotiation you will not only get a discount coupon off of your current debt balance, you will also save yourself a boatload of never-ending and often punishing interest charges.

How does debt negotiation & settlement work?

Perhaps you're already familiar with the term "debt negotiation and settlement". Maybe you have even seen or heard some of the countless commercials running on air, promising things like:

"Pay back less than what you owe,"
"Eliminate your credit card debt fast!"
"Settle your debts for less than you owe."

The companies promising these benefits are known as debt negotiation and settlement companies. By using a debt negotiation and settlement company you receive the services of a neutral third party to help you navigate your way to debt freedom. A debt negotiation firm will act as your representative in dealing with your creditors.

These companies will answer collection calls, explain your hardship to your creditors and then negotiate on your behalf with creditors to get them to accept reduced payoffs of between 40%-50%, sometime as little as 10% of the debt balance owed on your account.

Dave Ramsey
"Creditors will probably settle in the 50 cents to the dollar range. You can easily settle for 70 cents."

Once a settlement agreement has been reached with one of your creditors, the firm closes out the transaction with the appropriate legally binding paperwork and then repeats the process with each of your debts until you become debt free.

As a result, money that you're wasting on interest and a lifetime of minimum payments is instead put toward actually reducing your debt balance. It's this "reformulation" of your payment/payback that makes debt negotiation and settlement the fastest debt reduction method possible.

At least... that's how debt settlement is
supposed to work with a debt negotiation firm!

Unfortunately, most people with overwhelming debt go to the wrong place for help!

DebtLessen Effectiveness - Online Debt Relief

Let's look at your three main options most consumers consider and choose for debt elimination:

  • Option #1. A Debt Consolidation Loan
    • Why on earth would someone with a debt hardship request one large debt, otherwise known as a debt consolidation loan, costing a lot more in the long-term, to pay off all their existing debts? This is like trying to put fire out with more gasoline!

    • This just doesn't make sense because it is not dealing with the real problem -- the debt itself! We need to eliminate the debt once and for all -- not consolidate.

  • Option #2. Bankruptcy
    • Why would anyone just give up on his or her financial future by throwing in the towel to declare bankruptcy without investigating better alternative options?

    • With the passing of the new bankruptcy law in 2005, it's become very difficult for most debtors to qualify for a complete discharge of debt with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If you do not qualify for Chapter 7, a Chapter 13 is your fall-back option, where the court will decide how much you get to live on month-to-month and how much you repay your creditors over the next 3 to 5 years.

    • And if Chapter 13 is your only bankruptcy option, then it's very likely you could end up repaying your creditors more money than you would through debt negotiation.

    • The simple truth is over two-thirds of all bankruptcies can be avoided through alternative measures like debt negotiation. Bankruptcy should only be considered an option of last resort after you've tried or at the very least considered debt negotiation and settlement.

  • Option #3. Debt Negotiation Services/Consumer Credit Counseling (CCC)
    • Why on earth would someone create even more debt by hiring a debt management company charging fees of $3,000, $5,000, and sometimes even $10,000 to resolve their debt issues when they could easily do it themselves?

    • We do it for the same reason many of us hire any service provider. We lack the expertise and knowledge to get the job done efficiently and expertly ourselves.

    • Knowledge truly is power. It is the foundation for our success in any endeavor. And DebtLessen provides you with the knowledge and expertise -- the power to be successful in eliminating your debt yourself.

You alone are your own best hope when it
comes to true debt elimination!

Why you should listen to me and my do-it-yourself
approach with DebtLessen

In short, because you wanna learn from me -- an actual debt negotiator. Ya know, the one that actually spars on the phone against creditors and collectors on a daily basis to get debtors "knock out" offers -- sometimes to the tune of as much as 83% off individual debts!

Well, I've left that racket to teach consumers like you how to do the exact same things I did day in and day out -- without paying thousands in fees to some third-party company!

Personally, I have been actively involved in assisting consumers with credit repair, foreclosure mitigation, consumer credit counseling and finally debt settlement for the past 5 years.

As a negotiator, I've helped thousands of stressed-out clients gain peace of mind by negotiating away millions of dollars in unsecured credit card debt. But had those very same debtors had a bit of knowledge, a little training and my strategies, they could have easily gotten the same or better negotiated settlements.

And the ironic thing is that most of my past clients had the same or similar hardships and the same types and amount of unsecured debt as you.

Sadly, most of those debtors had never learned the dangers and perils that stem from credit card misuse, in part because they've been sold on the "monthly payment" lie that lets them initially purchase items that they can easily make monthly payments on, but cannot afford to pay in full. Eventually they, maybe like you, for whatever reason, dig themselves into a debt ditch while creditors are building piles of wealth.

But that's OK, 'cause this is where I step in to help YOU! I have your "debt shovel" ready to help you dig out from your mounting debt before it's too late!

"But you don't know my situation..."

You're right -- I don't know you. I also don't know your story, but I've seen and worked with 1,000's of people just like you struggling through unbelievable financial hardships -- enough to know that DebtLessen CAN WORK FOR YOU.

Anyone can negotiate and settle their debt for less... thousands less!

Maybe you owe $10,000, $30,000, $50,000, or even $100,000 -- I'm talkin' just knee-deep in credit card or other unsecured debt. Maybe your phone is ringing off the hook with collection calls or maybe you're just tired of the path your life is headed and simply want to save a truckload of money.

It really doesn't matter, because there are rock-solid reasons you're still reading this letter: you want to get ahead, you want an edge, and you want a better lifestyle.

You really want to get out of debt and you're right on target!

I want you to have that yearning to get ahead...that driving force to do whatever it takes. Because when you do, you will see debt negotiation with DebtLessen for what it really is: you taking control of your financial future instead of your finances controlling you.

You will make a decision like many that have visited this site before and it will completely transform your life just like it has theirs.

But before you go any further, there are 5 major qualifiers you and your situation must have to ensure success with DebtLessen. They include:

  1. An unmanageable amount of unsecured debt
  2. A willingness to stop spending on credit
  3. An extreme desire to get out of debt or an unwillingness to be indebted for life, making an endless stream of minimum payments to your creditors
  4. A positive and patient attitude
  5. A proactive and disciplined approach in following a planned course of action

So what is "your situation?" Do you even know?

Take out another piece of paper and list all of your unsecured debts:

List all of your unsecured creditors and their balances so you can get an idea of exactly what you're working with.


The average U.S. household over whelmed in unmanageable credit card debt is indebted with approximately $27,500.

If you’re like many debtors, your situation has likely become so bad you’ve just stuck your head in the sand.

And if so, you likely don’t know how much money you owe or to whom exactly you owe it.

"So how much debt do you have?"

Most of us are blown away by how much we really owe after making a listing.

How 'bout you? Surprised at how much you owe? Have more debt than you thought?

Now that ya know what you're working with, take your total unsecured debt load and plug it into the following calculator to figure out exactly how long it will take you to become debt free on your own. This will allow you to see a wide-angle picture of your situation.

Don't worry -- you need to know what you're dealing with if you want to make things better.

Debt Calculator

Making Minimum Payments
Debt Calculator 1. Total Debt : 
2. Interest Rate (APR) :  (average 22%)
3. Minimum Payment % :  (typically 2.5%)
  Interest You Will Pay :  $
Amount Creditors Currently Demanding :  $
  # Monthly Payments : 
  Years Before Debts Paid : 
  Total Projected Payback :  $

Understand the figures presented show how long it will take you to become debt free IF you can afford and make your minimum payments and IF you never make another future purchase on your charge accounts.

Ready To Try Sumthin' New?

Avoid Bankruptcy

Online Debt Counseling Monthly Savings Payment :  $
Interest You Will Pay :  %
# Monthly Payments : 
Years Before Debts Paid : 
Projected Overall Savings w/ DebtLessen :  $
Principal Savings w/ DebtLessen :  $

Understand the figures presented here represent a typical 3-year debt negotiation plan. If this monthly payment (savings) amount is not within your reach, your savings payment can be lowered; however, your program term length will be longer.

To lower your payment (savings) amount, adjust the drop-down dialog box next to "# Monthly Savings Payments" to any figure between 36-60 months. This will adjust your "Monthly Savings Payment" amount downward to a more affordable figure.

Feeling a little skeptical? Don't take my word for it -- take a look at some actual settlement results

With DebtLessen you can easily obtain settlements like these.

First Premire Bank Settlement
First Premier Bank
Commerce Bank Settlement
Commerce Bank
Household Bank Settlement
Household Bank
Chase Bank Settlement
Chase Bank
Bank of America Settlement
Bank of America
Wells Fargo Settlement
Wells Fargo
CitiBank Settlement
First National Bank of Omaha Settlement
First National Bank of Omaha
Discover Financial Settlement
Discover Financial

Take a look at some real-life testimonials

August 13, 2008

beginquote Hi Keith,

We wanted to sincerely thank you for the help and trust you and DebtLessen gave us with regard to our debt consolidation. Your expertise and advice on this process avoided us from having to file bankruptcy, face embarrassment and ultimately financial ruin.

With approximately $60,000 of debt and interest rates making our payments unattainable we thought we did not have any other options. With DebtLessen we were able to work with our credit card vendors to reduce our debt to about 55% of what we owed, giving us the ability to not ruin our credit and build a future for our family.

Please know that without your understanding, kindness, training and negotiating strategies, we would have never been able to have done it on our own. Your training and support throughout the process showed us how to prepare and respond quickly and accurate to close these debts.

Your advice to us on our $30,000 MBNA account after I told you “they were not working with us,” and that I was going to send in payment on their 90% settlement offer was truly priceless. Your scolding and insistence for me to be patient at the time was ultimately worth over $15,000 when we were able to settle the account 4 months later. That was one scolding we truly appreciated.

Thank you again for everything. We are forever grateful to know you and to have worked with you. endquote


T & A, Laurel, MD

After six months of procrastination and my constant pushing, this family friend finally decided to pull the trigger, get their “heads out of the sand” and do something about their debt dilemma. With access to all of their needed funds, they were able to become debt free in only 8 months.

October 10, 2008

beginquote Keith,
Your course was definitely the right move for me. When I found you, I was enrolled into a debt settlement program. I was unhappy with the company’s service and I hadn’t even made a payment yet. Your advice to get out immediately has proven to be correct. At the time, I had a program payment of almost $900 per month. Had I stayed with this company, I would have just now finished paying part of their fee and I would still have all of my debt. However, five months since I cancelled and started using DebtLessen, I’ve settled two accounts under 20%. Two down, Five more to
go! endquote

Thanx, Keith

M.R., Los Angeles, CA

This gentleman originally invested in the Basic Program, but ultimately upgraded to the Ultimate Program since he was someone who needed some serious hand-holding. By the looks of his settlements, it appears my personal coaching was well worth it.

Updated Testimonial 1/19/2009

Here is a recent unsolicited testimonial phone message left by M.R. He’s still doing very well with the program; however, he may have just made a $5,000 mistake. He’s now returning my call 2 weeks after I left a message scolding him for NOT following my precise directions. He says he follows directions but he doesn’t. He does not yet understand or realize the significance of his mistake. In fact, by the tone in his voice you can tell he believes everything is OK.

I thought it was important to share this message here because even when provided with proper guidance, if you don’t pay attention and follow instructions or, even worse, if you have no proper instruction, you can really screw up your debt elimination plan.

Compare your options:

  DebtLessen Wizard - Consumer Debt Settlement Services
Consumer Credit Counseling Debt Settlement Company or a Law Firm Consolidation Loan Make Minimum Payments Bankruptcy
Description A proven do-it-yourself system that is quick and easy Non-profit that may help you lower your interest rates Negotiates with your creditor on your behalf Uses home equity to pay off debt A payback over the next 30 years A legal remedy seeking protection from creditors
Your Payback 55% of what you owe Over 150% of your current debt balance 70% of your current debt balance if you complete the program More than 230% of your current debt balance over a 30-year term

You will make lower payments but pay the same or more in interest
Almost 300% of your current debt balance Chapter 7- Nothing

Chapter 13- As much as a judge determines you can afford
Drawbacks Make time to learn the material and to negotiate with your creditors

Will likely cause a negative but not permanent effect on your credit
75% program failure rate 80% program failure rate

They charge enormous up-front fees that amount to $1,000’s
You’re exchanging unsecured debt for secured

You’re consolidating instead of eliminating your debt
You will never pay off your debt Negatively affects your credit for 10 years

Has a stigma of “financial failure”
Cost Less than $400 $50 to $100 per month for up to 5 years Thousands in fees

15% -18% of your total debt load
Thousands in fees and points 300% of your current debt load

Almost 66% of your payback will be in interest
Court costs - $300

Attorney - $700 - $2000

Monthly trustee fees?
100% Money Back Guarantee Yes No No No NA No

9 Reasons you and no one else should negotiate with your creditors

  • Reason #1: It's Simple
    • Once you have a firm understanding of the credit industry and the collection process along with my simple step-by-step action plan, there will be no doubt in your mind you can do this -- it's simple!

  • Reason #2: You will save $1,000's in excessive up-front company fees
    • Most debt settlement companies will charge ginormous up-front fees... before they ever resolve a single debt for you. These fees range anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 or more (usually around 15%-18% of your total debt, not including hidden monthly administration costs. The more you owe, the more you will pay.

      For example, if you have $30,000 worth of debt you will pay $4,500 in fees... up-front and over a period of months! And rest assured, during the first 12-18 months in the program, your up-front fees will likely put you not a penny closer to debt freedom!

  • Reason #3: You will become debt free faster
    • Since DebtLessen will give you the ability to achieve the same results if not better than even the best paid negotiator around, there's no need to delay "debt freedom" by adding thousands more to your current debt load by paying up-front company fees.

      By handling your own negotiations, the debt elimination process will move much faster because all of your monies will go toward paying off your debt -- NOT toward fees.

      Why pay thousands of dollars to a settlement company when DebtLessen can help you achieve faster results for less?

  • Reason #4: You will be more successful on your own
    • With the services of a debt settlement company, you will have a lack of payoff progress, because initially you will find yourself "upside down" or owing more money than the amount of debt you started with.

      This lack of progress may create doubt in your mind, possibly causing you to withdraw from your program, making your financial situation worse -- much worse than when you started!

      Since debt negotiation services have a nearly 80% failure rate, the odds are against you in succeeding -- not because debt negotiation and settlement doesn't work -- it most certainly does! It fails because someone drowning in debt desperately NEEDS to see FAST results. And a lack of immediate results creates failure.

      With DebtLessen you will see results MUCH faster because your initial settlements will come more quickly because you will have more money on-hand to settle your debt.

      These early successes will likely cause you to become much more motivated and willing to continue negotiating with all of your creditors until you become debt free. Success breeds more success -- period!

  • Reason #5: More flexibility
    • Your finances can sometimes become unpredictable. Even the most well planned budget can and will be turned upside-down tomorrow when an unexpected emergency appears.

      If, for some reason, in the future you have difficulties making a program payment, then your debt settlement company is unlikely to work with you. Worse still -- they will even boot you out of the program, keeping all the fees you have paid up to that point.

      And your credit card debt will still be hanging over your head and you will likely be deeper in debt than when you started.

      With DebtLessen's self-directed program you can easily adjust, stop and restart your debt reduction plan as your finances dictate.

  • Reason #6: Creditor Backlash/ Legal Regulation
    • Not all creditors will work with debt settlement companies, and at least ten states have now enacted legislation that prohibits or severely restricts the use of debt settlement services within their boundaries.

      The settlement industry is wrought with "legalized fraud," and the abuses grow daily. Because of this, creditors reason that the fees paid to debt settlement companies could be better used toward paying off debt!

      So as it stands, more and more creditors are refusing to deal with third-party settlement companies and instead are insisting on dealing only and directly with their debtors when negotiating a settlement.

  • Reason #7: You WILL LIKELY FAIL if you hire a debt management firm.
    • I’m a former industry insider and I know the debt management business inside and out. As such, I would bet money every time on each and every debtor’s failure to complete a service company’s debt negotiation and settlement plan. And I would no doubt make a bundle off of everyone’s failure simply because these programs DO NOT WORK!

      In fact, the odds of you failing are about 50% greater than the current “house” edge held over you when you gamble in a Vegas casino. 50% MORE! And we already know your chances for success in Vegas are slim.

      Unfortunately, if you enroll with a debt management firm, you WILL BE gambling with your financial future, and doing so with “loaded dice”. And that’s OK as long as you understand what you’re getting into and what you’re going up against. However, most people are unaware of this “gamble” because the person on the phone is so reassuring and because YOU don’t understand the process.

  • Reason #8: You will get the best possible settlements
    • With DebtLessen you are learning from one of the best negotiators in the industry. I left the industry with an overall average settlement percentage of 42% -- that means my clients were only paying back 42% of their original debt!

      During my time as negotiator, I created and tested new and different strategies daily in order to not only be the best negotiator possible, but to negotiate the very best deals for my clients.

      With DebtLessen, I teach you everything -- a virtual "brain dump" -- every negotiating secret, technique and strategy I've learned over the years showing you how to get the best possible deals. With this valuable "insider" information, you will have the opportunity to absorb my education and to copy my success.

  • Reason #9: You will work harder than anyone to save yourself the most money.
    • Most negotiators working for debt settlement companies, including many of my former coworkers, will accept any settlement offer near 50% of the debt balance without truly giving their best effort to negotiate the account as low as possible.

      The reason?

      There's no incentive for them to do their very best for you. With this kind of attitude, how can you be assured you will get the very best deal?

      With DebtLessen, you won't have to rely on some unmotivated and uncaring "employee" to look out for your best interests -- because YOU will! And no one will look out for your best interest more than you will.

In this day and age,
if you want the job done right, you gotta do it yourself!

"But can I really do this myself?"

Yes you really can do this... yourself!

If you’ve asked a debt negotiation firm about doing this own your own, they may have led you to believe that your negotiation abilities will be lacking and sub-standard. In fact, most companies train their sales reps to place doubt in your mind as to how effective you will be at reducing your debt as a negotiator on your own.

Because of this you may be thinking, “I don’t have the connections, contacts or skill set -- let alone the experience -- of a trained, professional negotiator!”

The truth is no experience is necessary to negotiate -- only a telephone, a little confidence, and, most importantly, knowledge.

Creditors don’t care with whom they really negotiate. In fact, most would rather deal directly with the debtor because they believe they will collect more money from the average debtor over a trained negotiator or a debtor with a debt settlement firm.

Perhaps you're thinking: “My creditors would never work with me in the past, so why would they negotiate and settle with me now?"

In order to negotiate with a creditor, certain conditions must be present and you must understand the rules of the game. Once you learn how to play, negotiations become a simple formality -- so simple, even a caveman can do it!

Sometimes it’s so simple that many of the major creditors will automatically extend settlement offers to you both verbally and through the mail at different stages of the collection process.

"If it's so simple a caveman can do it, why do I need DebtLessen"

Maybe you’re thinking, “OK, I’m convinced I can do this myself, so why can’t I do this on my own without your training thingy?”

The truth is debt negotiation is simple!
However, “doing it on your own” without proper training can be disastrous!
This type of thinking is “penny wise, and dollar foolish”

Here’s why:

  • 1. Stress:
    • With too much debt comes a lot of stress and worry. And with a heavy debt burden many people are psychologically not up to the task in dealing with creditors. So, it's not uncommon to see people in a state of shock -- confused and helpless when dealing with their financial issues. And with confusion comes critical mistakes.

    • With DebtLessen it will be your creditors who become stressed out and make the mistakes -- not you!

  • 2. Knowledge and training:
    • In life you can do anything on your own without the benefit of instructions; however, some tasks can become very difficult, if not impossible. And some tasks like debt negotiation require more training than others.

    • Sadly, most people who attempt their own negotiations have no idea how to “really” negotiate. They deal ineffectively and inefficiently with their creditors due to their lack of ability and information.

    • They bounce around in the dark trying to find their way through the collection process, hoping for the best. They more or less rely on withholding money or just end up taking poor collection offers that may come floating their way.

    • Big mistake!

    • What you must understand is this: It is the creditors’ job to make settlement offers that are in their best interests; therefore, they are well trained to cut corners and collect more money for their company -- at your expense.

    • So, knowledge is leverage. The more you know, the more power you have in the debt negotiation process.

    • If you try to “wing it” with your financial future, you may experience some success and some failure as you go, but at some point you may wonder what your next move is. How much time and money you will lose is anyone’s guess because you have no one else’s experience or advice to draw from.

    • Therefore, you will be unable to maximize your efforts. And isn’t that the bottom line?
      DebtLessen levels the playing field.

  • 3. Timing:
    • Timing is critical to debt negotiation. With no knowledge of the negotiation process, you will be unsure of how to prioritize your accounts or time your settlements to get your lowest offers accepted.

  • 4. Incredible Savings:
    • If you’re viewing DebtLessen as an expense rather than an investment, you’re looking through fogged glasses. You’re not seeing the benefits. The benefit of saving money...and more of it than you could ever achieve on your own!

    • If you only save an extra 10% off a debt load of $10,000, DebtLessen more than pays for itself by putting an additional $600 in your pocket above your initial investment. The higher your debt load, the greater your savings.

  • 5. Safety:
    • Without the DebtLessen roadmap to guide you along every stage of your yearly “self-guided” debt reduction plan, you will be unaware of the pitfalls that could cause some of your settlements to become “null and void,” possibly leading to program failure.

    • Therefore, you will be unaware of the proper way to protect yourself with the appropriate paperwork and documentation needed both before and after you process your settlements.


Debt negotiation is so much more than simply holding out for the best deal and/or waiting for settlement offers to arrive in the mail. If you want to get the best offers and save the most money, then the only thing holding you back is specialized information. Information that DebtLessen provides.

In short, without DebtLessen™, the sting from a lack of knowledge, lack of proper guidance, and poor results that will likely arise in your "self guided" plan, will last long after the thrill of saving a few bucks has faded.

"Good advice is money well spent"

Look at just a few of the many secrets you will uncover in the DebtLessen do-it-yourself negotiation program.

  • How to time your settlements to get the lowest offers accepted.
  • Learn 3 different negotiation strategies or "twists" on the Basic DIY Debt Negotiation Plan. These strategies have the ability to change your negotiation dynamic, the mood, the attitude and the way you are treated on your collection call. These strategies alone are worth the value of the course just in what they save in heartache, headache, and hassle!
  • Learn a little-known secret technique called "Killing ---- ----- -----" that could help you achieve better settlements.
  • Learn "what to say" & "what not to say" to creditors and bill collectors.
  • How to use a hardship to your advantage in your negotiations. Hint: not all hardships are created equal.
  • Learn about "Blanket Levels" and how to get your collector there.
  • Uncover "Tricks" collectors play to siphon additional money from your settlement.
  • How and why you need to get your "ZB" letter.
  • Why you may want to consider settling your account "in house".
  • Top mistakes to avoid to ensure success in your debt negotiation plan.
  • 9 Creditor and collection letters and various exhibits included.
  • Some of your unsecured accounts may be "hinged" in multiple ways. I show you how to "unhinge" them and then prep them for negotiation and settlement.
  • Learn how to create your debt settlement "blueprint".
  • Learn my vital "OTC" Rule of Negotiation to achieve the lowest settlements.
  • How to pre-negotiate and then negotiate 100% of your unsecured debt for just pennies on the dollar -- saving you thousands of dollars and putting an end to your debt.
  • You will learn 2 simple techniques to get bill collectors off your back and completely eliminate all of your collection calls...
    But eliminating all of your collection calls may be an unwise move. Therefore, you will learn a few more desirable options to reduce or limit your collection calls without causing adverse reactions.
  • Learn the best form of payment to send to your bill collector and the appropriate way to send it to protect your settlement offer from becoming just a payment instead of a payoff.
  • How to avoid harassing phone calls from creditors and protect your rights under state and federal laws.
  • How to use collections abuse in your negotiations to obtain lower settlement figures or to write off your debt altogether.
  • Why you should never call a collector or creditor to "offer a settlement!"

Here's what's included in the DebtLessen negotiation program:

Quick Start Tutorial
The Quick Start Tutorial provides two outlines: the Flowchart to a Fresh Start and Path to Financial Failure. These give the essentials you need to know in order to succeed with your finances.

This Flowchart to a Fresh Start will have you up and running in minutes. It provides you a "snapshot" overview of the settlement process, enabling you to begin your debt settlement plan almost immediately. This will allow you to learn, understand and implement the rest of the program at your convenience.
Step-By-Step Debt Negotiation Guidebook
This is where it all begins. The basics, the primer, the guidebook, the bible of how to negotiate with creditors. And you don't have to have a degree from Harvard Law School to understand it.

This comprehensive educational guidebook is jammed with over 200 power-packed, easy-to-read pages showing you step-by-step instructions on how to quickly eliminate your debt.
Audio CD Course
5 informational CDs containing over 5 hours of audio recordings. These powerful CDs contain the insider secrets and information to help you successfully and confidently negotiate and settle your debts for much less than you owe.

The audio is right in line with the material in the Debt Negotiation Guidebook, giving you the option to learn this powerful information through different media.
Budget and Timeline Software
DebtLessen comes with two programs, budget software to figure out and adjust your finances, and my Timeline software that helps you map out your debt repayment timeline. Written examples are also provided.
Negotiation Audio CDs
These two CDs contain "real-life" recordings of me negotiating and striking settlement agreements with creditors.
Powerful Debt Negotiation Scripts and Instructions
These powerful scripts will show you, step-by-step, "what to ask" and "what not to say," "what to do" and "what not to do" when contact is made with bill collectors and creditors.
1 year Unlimited Email Support
As you can see, I'm not just going to sell you something and leave it at that. I'm with you a good part of the way. I'm going to support you, answer your questions, and give you advice when you need it at any time within 12 months of your purchase by email.
1 year Document Review Service
Having proper documentation is vital to the debt negotiation process since some collectors attempt shady, underhanded tactics to "get over on you". If you have any questions regarding any documentation that you receive -- be it a collection notice, settlement letter, or any other type of documentation -- I will be happy to evaluate it and give you my opinion on it.
Initial Telephone Consultation
After reviewing the material in DebtLessen, we'll schedule a one-on-one telephone consultation where we can discuss the specifics of your personal plan and I will answer any questions that you may have.

Take immediate action today and receive these free debt management benefits!

  • Bonus #1: Four Top-Secret Circumstances Where You Don't Need To Repay Debt. Depending on your individual circumstances you may not be responsible for repaying your debt or you may not be compelled to repay your creditors. In the field of financially burdened debtors this includes approximately 25% of you. So in theory, you could get DebtLessen and then decide, "Hey... why bother to repay when I can just forget?"
  • Bonus #2: Creditor Settlement Percentage List. This list provides you with a benchmark of what to shoot for in your negotiations. It lists over 181 MAJOR creditors and the average settlement they will accept. Nothing is set in stone with this list, but it will give you a good idea of which creditors will give you the better deals if you negotiate properly.
  • Bonus #3: Access to Future Course Updates. The debt negotiation and settlement industry is constantly changing and evolving. So it’s absolutely vital to stay current with the most up-to-date information, strategies, and techniques available. With DebtLessen you will have lifetime access to any and all future course updates.
  • Bonus #4: Access to Online Client Forum. The online forum is a place where you can get support from other consumers in similar debt situations as yours. You can share ideas, stories, settlements, and ask each other related questions regarding debt settlement and negotiation.

Plus these additional bonuses!

Bonus #5- Everything is Negotiable manualBonus #5: "Everything is Negotiable" Report

With this report I will show you how to negotiate and/or save thousands of dollars on the following products or services:

1. Airline rebate and discount tickets 6. Apartment rental lease
2. Wireless phone service/Cancellation 7. Cable/Satellite television
3. Free DVD rentals and discount movie tickets 8. New car negotiation
4. Coupons/Email Lists 9. ACH Debts
5. Car warranty, lawn care and other services 10. Utilities
  or products for sale 11. Car insurance

The information covering these items will be real money-savers for you and your family, especially in the areas of car negotiation, cable TV and car insurance. This manual makes you look at the purchase of products and services from a completely different viewpoint and change the way you go about the sale.

This content is not some simple old rehashed information you can find anywhere on the Internet, 'cause I created it. This bonus alone will save you thousands of dollars over the years and is worth the cost of the program itself!

Bonus #6- Credit Repair ReportBonus #6: Credit Repair Report

This report teaches you all the secret insider tricks and techniques needed to rapidly rebuild and improve your credit profile. Your credit profile is constantly changing, with new information being added daily. With new information given more weight to your credit score than less recent information, it shouldn't take long to restore or improve your credit score once you start building a new responsible payback history.

Bonus #7- Identity Theft ReportBonus #7: Identity Theft Report

With this eye-opening report, I will show you how to EASILY and securely lock your credit down so that you NEVER become a victim of identity theft. You won't need to pay a monthly fee for inferior identity theft protection services because you will learn some more effective secret techniques that will truly lock your credit down. The big companies offering identity theft services don't want you to know about these simple and secret techniques because they would soon be out of business.

Bonus #8- MortgageWizdom ReportBonus #8: Mortgage Wizdom Report

My Mortgage Wizdom report shows you how to get the lowest rate on your next mortgage by shopping for the appropriate loan provider, instead of shopping rates. Once you've found the appropriate loan provider, you will then negotiate to LOCK in your fees, giving you a bid on your next home loan instead of an estimate like most borrowers receive. This report alone is a $67 value. For a more detailed description go to:

In addition to all these bonuses,

You're guaranteed to be impressed with the tremendous value within DebtLessen or I'll buy it back from you!

100% Guarantee

On a very personal note, please understand, I have no interest in selling courses just to make a profit off of individuals who, in their time of need, will do or purchase anything to relieve themselves of their debt. That's precisely what most debt management companies rely on and why I no longer work for them!

I truly want you to be a successful debt negotiator like I have been because it's more than just a job for you -- it's your life. DebtLessen can help you and you can do it! I want to hear about your successes and truly wish you the best.

So why am I selling you this course? Am I doing this to get rich? No, although I do expect to make an honest and fair living, I do hope to recover the investment in time, money, research and expense involved in the creation of this in-depth and revolutionary course. However, I'm not going to bilk people for $1,000's or more a pop.

I am doing this to help people; it's what I want to do. I would be absolutely delighted to know I have helped some disabled or elderly persons, single mothers, college students, retirees, or any other severely debt-burdened individuals interested enough to learn how to negotiate and eliminate their debt.

In essence, I truly hope to help people who currently have no financial future, are tired of being in debt, and are struggling each and every single month to make ends meet.

Because of my sincere desire to help you become debt free, I put forward the following guarantee:

I personally guarantee your satisfaction with the information, benefits, techniques, and savings that you could not otherwise achieve without the benefit of DebtLessen. If, for some reason, DebtLessen can't make this happen for you, then I don't deserve your money and will cheerfully refund every penny of the purchase price (minus s&h) back to you within the first 30 days from ordering.

There is absolutely no risk for you!

A program to fit your needs

Everyone's situation is different, and while most people find the Basic Program sufficient to their needs, others may prefer or need additional help or coaching along with their training. Therefore, I have created multiple solutions designed to help cover everyone's needs.

Here is a comparison chart of the three DebtLessen solutions: the Basic, Premium, and the Ultimate Program.

Consumer Debt Negotiation & Reduction Basic Program Premium Program Ultimate Program
DebtLessen Debt Negotiation Program
(5-hour Audio CD Course)
$195 Value
Checked YesIncluded Checked YesIncluded Checked YesIncluded
Quick Start Tutorial “Flowchart to a Fresh Start” and "Path to Financial Failure"
$59 Value
Checked YesIncluded Checked YesIncluded Checked YesIncluded
Step-By-Step Debt Negotiation Guidebook
(Includes 3 different negotiation strategies)
$90 Value
Checked YesIncluded Checked YesIncluded Checked YesIncluded
Budget Software
$49 Value
Checked YesIncluded Checked YesIncluded Checked YesIncluded
Negotiation Audio CDs
(2 CDs of live creditor negotiations)
$90 Value
Checked YesIncluded Checked YesIncluded Checked YesIncluded
Bonus Report #1. Creditor Settlement Percentage List
(180 creditors and collectors showing their average settlement of acceptance)
$49 Value
Checked YesIncluded Checked YesIncluded Checked YesIncluded
Bonus Report #2. “Four Secret Circumstances Where You May Not Want or Have to Repay Your Debt”
$ Priceless
Checked YesIncluded Checked YesIncluded Checked YesIncluded
Bonus Report #3. “Everything is Negotiable”
$90 Value
Checked YesIncluded Checked YesIncluded Checked YesIncluded
Bonus Report #4. Credit Repair
$67 Value
Checked YesIncluded Checked YesIncluded Checked YesIncluded
Bonus Report #5. Mortgage Wizdom
(Strategy to negotiate the lowest rate possible on a mortgage taught nowhere else)
$67 Value
Checked YesIncluded Checked YesIncluded Checked YesIncluded
Bonus Report #6. Identity Theft
$67 Value
Checked YesIncluded Checked YesIncluded Checked YesIncluded
Bonus #7. Access to Future Course Updates, Strategies, and Industry Updates
$49 Value
Checked YesIncluded Checked YesIncluded Checked YesIncluded
Bonus #8. Access to Online Client Forum
$39 Value
Checked YesIncluded Checked YesIncluded Checked YesIncluded
Bonus #9. Telephone Support Session
$49 Value
Checked YesIncluded Checked YesIncluded Checked YesIncluded
Bonus # 10. Legal Report
$90 Value
Checked YesIncluded Checked YesIncluded Checked YesIncluded
Bonus # 11. Debt Settlement Timeline Software
(Allows you to map out your plan and give you a debt-free date based on your financial circumstances)
$49 Value
Checked YesIncluded Checked YesIncluded Checked YesIncluded
Professional Document Review
$10 Per Month Value
Checked Yes 12 Months Checked Yes 18 Months spacer24 Months
Unlimited Email Support
$39 Per Month Value
Checked Yes 12 Months Checked Yes 18 Months spacer24 Months
Access to “Secret Strategy” File
(Not available up-front to the public)
$ Priceless
Not Included Checked YesIncluded Checked YesIncluded
Qualified Term Settlement Plan
$297 Value
Not Included Checked YesIncluded Checked YesIncluded
Qualified Term Settlement Plan Software
$97 Value
Not Included Checked YesIncluded Checked YesIncluded
Hybrid Settlement Plan
$97 Value
Not Included Checked YesIncluded Checked YesIncluded
Telephone Support
$29 Per Month Value
Not Included Not Included 18 Months
Actual Program Value Over $1,000 Over $2,000 Over $2,600
Your Total Program Cost
(Plus S&H)
$397 $597 $797
2-Payment Option (Plus S&H)
A computer is helpful but not necessary for the main course.

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P.S. Why You Should Respond Now!

I know the temptation to procrastinate is going to rear its ugly head. It's how we as a society behave, but heck, what's really the point of waiting? Every single day you procrastinate is costing you more in interest charges that could pay for the entire DebtLessen investment. Interest payments that could instead be debt principal payments.

Your debt isn't going away and your lifestyle will never improve -- until you decide to DO something about it. Don't let an event make you realize that you need to make a change in your life. If you are struggling with unmanageable credit card debt and desperately want to better your family's future, then you need this program. It will change your life!

P.P.S. Earlier you heard the phrase: "knowledge is power," well, that's actually incorrect. Knowledge followed by action is power.

If you continue to act the same way or do the same things, you're going to get the same results. Continuing to ignore your debts is causing you to get further and further from what you truly want and deserve in life. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to get control of your finances and the more money you risk losing. Money that could be better spent paying off your debt.

What I'm offering is nothing less than the cheapest, most effective step-by-step debt elimination system on the market today -- but it's useless without your will and determination to use it.

The question you have to ask yourself is what kind of shape will you be in 6 or 12 months from now if you aren't willing to make a dramatic change? Sometimes you have to leave your comfort zone to break free and start making real progress in life. And honestly, how comfortable is it when you're always worried about your bills?

Avoid disappointment and future regret and stop the stress in your life. Don't delay another minute -- invest in DebtLessen now and take back control of your life and your financial future!


I remember when I received my first thank-you from a struggling debtor who was at her wit's end. After I informed her of my 45% settlement agreement reached on one of her credit accounts, she showered me with so much praise I could see her smile through the phone line! She was so happy that a serious burden had been lifted off of her shoulders that for the first time in years she was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I certainly wouldn't take complete credit in changing her financial future -- after all, she made the decision to finally do something to resolve her debt situation by taking action to get the help she needed. Isn't it time you made the decision to do something about your debt hardship?

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