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THE BASIC PROGRAM IS ONLY $397 -- Here's What's Included:

  • Step-By-Step Debt Negotiation Guidebook
  • QuickStart CD, Audio CD Course, Computational Software, Negotiations CD, Debt Negotiation Scripts and Instructions. This program also includes all of your Letters, Forms and Bonuses.
  • Professional Document Review for 1 Year
  • Unlimited Personal Email Support for 1 Year
  • Personal Telephone Support Session with Creator & Negotiator Keith Jones

Most of you will find the Basic Program a satisfactory resource for your training needs as it provides the perfect amount of training and support to professionally negotiate each debt with reduced lump-sum payoffs. If you can follow the easy step-by-step guide, and have confidence about discussing financial affairs over the phone, you'll be pretty much set.

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THE PREMIUM PROGRAM IS ONLY $597 -- This Program Gives You More Weapons to Use When Dealing with Your Creditors. It Includes Everything in the Basic Program Above Plus...

The Premium Program gives you access to me for advice and support longer than the Basic Program.

  • Professional Document Review is for 18 months rather than 12 months.
  • Unlimited Personal Email Support is for 18 months rather than 12 months.
  • Secret Strategy File -- The Premium Program also gives you a secret and powerful weapon. I call it my Secret Strategy File, and for very good reason! This file contains a technique developed by a fellow negotiator -- and it's a powerful tool to convince your creditors to see the big picture.

    It will provide your creditor with a solid, logical reason why they should come to the bargaining table, accept a reasonable offer, and close your file.

    To protect its efficacy, the Secret Strategy File is not provided up-front with your purchase; rather, this file is only given out on a need basis. As such, you will be informed of the appropriate time to ask for this file and the strict procedures you will have to follow to obtain it. Alone, this file is worth the cost of the entire Premium Program, but I didn't stop there.
  • The Qualified Term Settlement Plan -- Talk about weapons! This plan will give you additional training to show you how to negotiate long-term reduced payment plans, which are typically not accepted by your creditors and collectors.

    The advantage in using the Qualified Term Settlement Plan is that your negotiations are less adversarial and you have the ability to arrange up-front term settlement agreements with your creditors. This plan can be especially helpful for those debtors experiencing an extreme debt hardship with very limited incoming funds.
  • The Qualified Term Settlement Plan Software -- This software automatically calculates all of the needed figures for all of your settlement proposals. This includes the monthly payments for each creditor/collector as well as the proposed reduced payoff. Simply input one figure and then adjust to your needs. Without the QTSP software, calculations will be much more difficult, time-consuming and impossible for some.
  • The Hybrid Settlement Plan - This plan uses a combination of lump-sum settlements and the use of negotiated payment plans to take advantage of the benefits both negotiation techniques offer in eliminating debt.

The Premium Program is an enhanced training resource for consumers that can easily follow directions and are confident in handling their financial affairs over the telephone.

It is likely suited more toward a consumer who might need or want a little more coaching support, more negotiation options and a more resolute outcome of their debt hardship sooner.

It provides the perfect blend of training and support for you to professionally negotiate your unsecured debts making periodic lump-sum payments, up-front long-term payment plans or a combination of both negotiation techniques.

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THE ULTIMATE PROGRAM IS ONLY $797 -- This Program is the Closest You Can Get to Hiring a Negotiator to Service Your Accounts. It Includes Everything in the Basic and Premium Program Above Plus...

  • Support is by telephone and email rather than email only
  • Support is extended to 2 years
  • Professional Document Review is for 2 years

The Ultimate Program provides the most training, support, and attention available for you to professionally negotiate your unsecured debts. It is a premium training resource for consumers who may be a little apprehensive or insecure in negotiating with creditors and collectors.

As such, this program is likely suited more toward a consumer who doesn't want to communicate via email and instead would rather receive support with a more personal touch by picking up the phone and calling me for my advice and direction. You can rest assured that I'll be there with you every step of the way to help you achieve peace of mind!

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