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Keith Jones

Keith Jones is the creator of the DebtLessen Debt Negotiation and Settlement Program.

He is a debt negotiator specializing in debt reduction, interest rate reduction and credit repair. A master in negotiation, Keith has put together a package showing everyday consumers not only how to negotiate their debt away but also how to save thousands upon thousands of dollars on many of life’s everyday products and services that most probably believe are non-negotiable. He demonstrates this by making businesses compete for your business. As he tells it, “Almost everything is negotiable” and “when businesses compete, you win”.

Did you know that two-thirds of all bankruptcies are avoidable? Or that 90 percent of bankruptcies occur because of medical illness, loss of job, or divorce, and are not a result of a debtor’s reckless credit use or unwillingness to pay back their debt? That even if you cannot afford to make your minimum credit card payments, you can still quickly eliminate your debt? Or that even those individuals on fixed incomes receiving retirement benefits, Social Security income, or SSI disability can also eliminate their debt fairly quickly and do it for less than what they owe?

These are just a few examples of the types of debt dilemmas that can be easily solved using Keith’s wealth of experience.

Keith enjoys sharing his program with the media and others, describing debt-related issues and strategies clearly and creatively. He relates directly to families because, when he's not working to improve other people's quality of life, he's spending time with his own family.

Keith truly enjoys helping people and can think of no better way to make a living than by overhauling one’s quality of life. As he tells it: “The praise and thanks of my clients are like badges of honor to me.”

One person unnecessarily filing for bankruptcy, living in fear of creditors, or chained to unmanageable credit card debt is one person too many.

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