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About DebtLessen

What it is:

DebtLesssen is a do-it-yourself debt elimination course that rapidly eliminates unsecured debt. It provides an easy-to-learn overview of the credit and collection industries and then guides overburdened debtors through a negotiation strategy that allows them to pay back their debt much more efficiently and quickly than making a lifetime of minimum payments. Using the DebtLessen strategy, debtors are able to pay back as little as 50 percent or less on each of their unsecured debts, allowing them to become debt free in three years or less.

How it works:

The course is a learning resource that can be studied by either audio or text. All you do is listen to or read the easy-to-follow directions. These instructions guide users on how to work out an alternate repayment plan with creditors in order to pay back less than they are currently obligated to pay back. The process involves a revolving circle of withholding payments, saving funds and settling each debt account with a reduced pay-off.

Services/Product Cost:

People can test-drive my debt negotiation services without spending a dime, typically. This means, for most, paying no money up-front. I have an arrangement with my clients where they pay me only if I’m successful and only if I save them money. It’s basically a contingency arrangement. This way they can test-drive my services without having to pay anything, creating a win-win situation.

I also give debtors the option of using the DebtLessen approach to eliminating their debt themselves. DebtLessen is an easy do-it-yourself course that teaches the very same strategies I employ for my clients as a debt negotiator.

The benefits of using DebtLessen are that it’s much cheaper than paying contingency fees, cheaper to get out of debt, and, therefore, makes getting out of debt much quicker.

Product Features:

  • Quick Start Instructional -- This will have you up and running in minutes. It provides you a "snapshot" of the settlement process, enabling you to begin your debt settlement plan almost immediately.
  • Step-By-Step Debt Negotiation Guide Book -- This comprehensive educational Guide Book is jammed with over 200 power-packed and easy-to-read pages showing you step-by-step instructions on how to quickly eliminate your debt.
  • Audio CD Course -- Five informational CDs containing over five hours of audio recordings to help you successfully and confidently negotiate and settle your debts for much less than you owe.
  • Software -- Budget software to figure out and adjust your finances and timeline software to help you map out your debt repayment timeline.
  • Negotiation Audio CDs -- "Real life" recordings of me negotiating and striking reduced settlement agreements with creditors.
  • Powerful Debt Negotiation Scripts and Instructions -- These powerful scripts will show you step-by-step "what to ask" and "what not to say," "what to do" and "what not to do" when contact is made with bill collectors and creditors.
  • Initial Telephone Consultation -- One-on-one telephone consultation where we can discuss the specifics of your personal plan.
  • 1 year Unlimited Email Support
  • 1 year Document Review Service
  • Credit Repair Report
  • Multiple Bonuses

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