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About Keith A. Jones, DebtLessen’s Creator

Keith Jones

Keith Jones has been helping consumers avoid bankruptcy and better manage their debt since 2004.

A University of Maryland graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Finance and former top debt negotiator with one of the country’s largest debt settlement firms, Jones has also held various positions within the Consumer Credit Counseling industry and has been a key debt negotiator within a credit repair organization as well as a mortgage brokerage.

After years of negotiating with creditors, Jones became disenchanted with the services offered by these “debt management” companies. He didn’t care for their “consumer-unfriendly/company greed” business model, which included poor underwriting procedures and outrageous up-front fees charged to already struggling debtors.

In addition, he noticed that, because of the amount of fees, the way with which they were collected and the inflexibility and rigidity of the program payments, these services for most just weren’t doing what they promised, which is to eliminate debt.

In an effort to better direct his efforts and improve the success rates of his clients, Jones decided to launch as a way to provide an honest, affordable alternative to traditional debt management services and bankruptcy. His goal is always to help people save money, become debt free and enjoy a better quality of life.

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