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Keith Jones is the creator of the DebtLessen Do-it-Yourdself Debt Negotiation Program and can expertly discuss anything related to credit, debt elimination and debt negotiation. He is a professional debt negotiator with years of experience and can provide practical advice, tips and solutions to consumers that they can implement on their own in order to get out of debt.

How DebtLessen Can Help Struggling Consumers in a Bad Economy. Consumers are drowning in debt. For some, it seems like there is no way out. DebtLessen offers many of these consumers just that-a solution. And now more than ever, consumers need to take control of their financial future. Keith can discuss all of the options available to most consumers, including the DebtLessen approach which focuses on negotiating with creditors.

Top Five Reasons Why Consumers Should Steer Clear from All Debt Management Companies. What’s the success rate for those debtors that enroll into such a program? Why do most people fail and end up in worse shape than before they entered into their program? Keith can discuss and provide consumers with the main drawbacks and pitfalls most consumers face when seeking help through third-party service providers, how to avoid dealing with these companies, and why it’s important for them to remedy their financial situation on their own.

Debt Relief for Seniors, the Disabled and Individuals That Have Fixed Incomes Such as Retirement, Social Security, SSI Disability and Those on Unemployment. Many debtors on fixed income believe they need an additional source of money or an increase in their current income in order to eliminate their debt. This is often not the case. Usually these individuals are the easiest to help, need the least amount of money and sometimes need no money. Keith can explain why most of these individuals should have absolutely no worries about unsecured credit card debt.

Why Debt Elimination is so Hard for so Many Consumers and What Steps They Must First Undertake to Get a Hold of Their Debt Situation? Debt Elimination is really not as difficult as it seems. The problem is that most consumers suffer from a combination of dealing with personal issues and a lack of information. Keith can discuss more in-depth why debt elimination is so difficult and provide the five steps most debtors should first undertake in order to be successful with their own debt elimination plan.

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