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Suggested Interview Questions:

  1. What is DebtLessen and how does it work?
  2. Is DebtLessen time-consuming?
  3. How does DebtLessen differ from debt management services?
  4. Who can benefit the most from DebtLessen?
  5. Which type of debt work best with the DebtLessen program?
  6. Why would credit card companies and other lenders agree to accept less than what is owed?
  7. How does DebtLessen affect the debtor's credit?
  8. Since you can easily negotiate your debts on your own, why do consumers need DebtLessen?
  9. Lately, many consumers seem to be “trapped” under a mountain of debt. Most don’t know how to approach it. What actions must consumers first undertake to get a hold of their situation?
  10. What are your thoughts about the millions of consumers that are not struggling financially but can only to afford to make their minimum credit card payments, find they’re unable to make any headway towards paying off their debt but do want to change their financial future?
  11. What can you and DebtLessen do for people with heavy credit card or other unsecured debt?
  12. Can you help small business owners or the self-employed?
  13. Can you help individuals on a fixed income like retirement, Social Security, or SSI disability?
  14. From your experiences working with distressed debtors, what has surprised you the most?
  15. What are your thoughts on debt? Is all debt bad?
  16. What should a debtor do if they find that they can no longer make their minimum payments but want to avoid bankruptcy?
  17. Why is debt elimination so hard for so many?
  18. How much do your negotiation services and your DebtLessen course cost?

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